Is hangover your worst nightmare? Wake up with clear vision and mind by curing that hangover from last night’s good time.


Cure that hangover in no time!


Hangovers are nasty. One who has experienced one would attest on how bad it is. Hangovers are actually caused by remaining alcohol in the bloodstream. Alcohol is actually a toxin, hence the nasty aftermath of drinking.


Here are some things one can do to prevent or minimize that dreaded hangover:


  1. Drink some water before you retire for the night. Water dilutes the alcohol and by-products of detoxification. Make sure you down at least one to two glasses of water before you sleep in order to lessen the chances of getting a hangover. Besides, drinking more water would also counteract alcohol’s diuretic effect.


  1. Look at your drink’s color. A simple rule should guide you in determining if your drink would cause a hangover. The darker the drink, the more likely you’d experience a hangover. So pass on dark-colored drinks like brandy and scotch and stick to vodka or gin if you must drink.


  1. Take some coffee. Coffee has caffeine, which dilates the blood vessels in the brain, and helps lessen the hangover’s headache. Have your black coffee in the morning and see your headaches lessen.


  1. Have breakfast. Eating breakfast, more especially eggs, could help one in lessening the hangover’s nasty feeling. Eggs contain cysteine, a protein that helps in breaking down alcohol’s by-products. Better don’t miss breakfast and indulge on eggs.


  1. Eat your bananas. Surprisingly, bananas also help in lessening hangovers. Hence, pair your eggs with bananas and coffee to make your power breakfast help you feel better.


  1. Take pain relievers in case of really uncomfortable headaches. It is best to cure headaches with pain relievers once they get really nasty. However, natural is always best. If the above-mentioned tips do not work, and one must need to get up and going, take that headache tablet.


Most importantly, prevention is the best solution. It is not bad to drink, but as the old adage says, too much of everything is bad. You know yourself better than anyone else. If you know your tolerance on alcoholic drinks is low, you should avoid pushing your limit. Otherwise, you will be waking with a loss of memory, throbbing headache, and an upset stomach.


So, before you take another shot, ask yourself, do I want another hangover?