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It is usually tempting, if not simply a knee-jerk reaction, for one to respond to questions on one’s condition and emotions with the words “I’m fine” without thinking much about it. Clearly, this is a manifestation of the tendency of one to simply turn to denial when things are not as easy to handle, or are simply not unfolding as in the normal course of things. This is usually the most difficult part of dealing with depression, the acceptance stage. Without achieving acceptance, both long-lasting healing and treatment will be very hard to attain.


In denying your condition, you will be foreclosing the possibility of being rescued before you end up in a place where you are pushed by your very emotions to do things you would most likely regret and to do things simply detrimentally uncharacteristic of you. It can drive you away from your family, your friends, and your life and most particularly from yourself.


Take action, think, and learn to help yourself.


Particularly for older adults, highly prone to depression, before answering questions on your emotional and mental state be sure to ask yourself first if you feel the following sentiments and emotions: do I feel, nervous or empty, restless and irritable, guilty or worthless, tired and slowed down, as if no one loves or cares for you anymore, nervous or empty, as if you don’t like the thing you used to like or things you used to do, and as if life is not anymore worth living.


Aside from asking yourself the above-mentioned questions also look into your sleeping habits, ask yourself if you are sleeping more or less than you usual. Observe your eating habits, too, and ask yourself if you think you are consuming more or less as you used to. Finally ask yourself also if you are having persistent pains, such as stomach aches and headaches. If you should answer most or all of these questions in the affirmative, it is vital that you should see a specialist within the soonest possible time.


Remember that should you be diagnosed with depression, is not something that you should be ashamed of and that it is, in fact, a treatable medical illness. But, to be able to be treated successfully you should also make the necessary effort to be open and honest to your doctor so as to apprise him of the information he needs to diagnose your condition accurately and for him to be able to treat you most effectively.