Know the bits and pieces of drinking and hangover, so you would think twice and be prepared the next time you gulp that alcohol shot.


Picture this: A beer party of the couch potato club last night. You are one of its most steadfast members, and nothing beats the food, the alcohol, and of course, the wrestling matches on the tube. Could you guess who would hate it the morning after?


You! Yes, that club in the head euphemized as hangover. Unfortunately for you, no remedy has been found out yet. You could, of course, prevent it by not drinking at all, but who would enjoy that? So, the key is knowledge – acquainting yourself with facts about it. Well, that is close enough to countering it, at any rate.


So, here are the basics that you need to know:


  • Hangover is caused by alcohol and even the breakdown products of it. Remember, too, that effects of alcohol toxicity occur even after the blood alcohol level has plunged to zero.


  • Individual proneness to hangover differs. Of course, it matters what and how the drink is, but your drinking past is a must-know. Processing ability of alcohol is a factor, and if you are gifted with this, chances are, even the slightest headache is nonexistent.


  • How about the amount of booze? Most drinks have the same alcohol amount. But others, specifically red wine and brandy, contain amounts of methanol that the body breaks down slowly. Indeed, the latter set of drinks makes you more susceptible to hangover.


  • It is a myth, on the other hand, that coffee and other stimulants would save you from the perils of hangover. They only keep you more awake since alcohol is sleep-inducing.


  • Fortunately for you, though, fatty foods may aid in slowing the rate of alcohol absorption. But since alcohol stimulates urination – medically known as diuretic effect – drinking water is still a must to avoid dehydration and still wake up the next morning.


Now that you have more knowledge about hangover, you can be armed the next time your couch potato club members invite you over drinks and wrestling matches in front of the TV!